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This page is a workshop, that will be maintained updated, adding all the references found on the matter of Earth's pregnancy.

The vision of the Pregnant Earth is not new. It came to the mind of philosopers, poets, scientists and mysticists, all along the history of the human culture. But, at the dawn of the third millennium, while humans are approaching the big number of 6.5 billion, this vision can give birth to a new scientific and philosophic paradigm, able to address a path of hope, versus the many nihilist philosophies which burden this age.

The Pregnant Earth concept can radically revert the nowadays dominant philosophy of the so-called limits to development (formulated by Aurelio Peccei and the Club of Rome during '70s), toward a proactive philosophy of expansion, life and birth!

So big is the power of this vision, that all the leaden problems which distress our age are nomore seen as Nature's or God's punishments due to our sins, but as normal biologic problems, that naturally accompany the pregnancy.

What we want to pursue, here, are the following goals:

  1. to collect all the existing references to the powerful vision of the Pregnant Earth, putting in one only basket all the topics and rationals supporting this vision;

  2. to offer a web parlor for scientific and philosophic discussion and enhancement of the vision;

  3. to collect also the historical references to this theme, how it was approached in the past.

We think that to spread this vision through the planet is very relevant and urgent: please help us!

Feel free to send us any link or reference to Pregnant Earth topics, articles and pages you may be aware off. Thank you very much!





Earth is not sick: She's... pregnant!

A. Autino

The Mother Earth Methaphor

David Buth

The SEEDS concept

Arthur Woods

Space Settlement is the childbirth of Mother Earth

Steve Wolfe

The Minnesota Space Frontier Society


Gaia/Mother Earth Mythology

Sylvia Engdahl

600 billion humans! Ken Larsen



A Sci-Fi screenplay


Humankind: GAIA's Johnny Appleseed

Steve Wolfe

Space Settlement: The Journey Inward

Steve Wolfe

Strive for fulfillment of space settlement in this generation, not defer it to the next!

Steve Wolfe

Mother Earth at the Space Show

Steve Wolfe

Space quotes to ponder

Sylvia Engdahl

Mother Earth and the Butterfly

Michael Martin-Smith

Gaian Science, Gaian Philosophy, Gaian Spirituality and the Rainbow Way

David L. Buth

The Pregnant Earth (artist site)

Barbara Getrost




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