2nd International Convention of Technologies of the Frontier: a brief report   

by A. Autino 



The second international convention of Technologies of the Frontier was held in Belgirate, the June 7h, and was a great event, notwithstanding the insufficient organization. It was a great piece of work, and we were able to decide all what we planned. 

The quality of the symposium was very, very excellent. The papers presented by Patrick Collins and Marco Bernasconi were definitely the very best I never heard, for richness of data, ideas, economic and social analysis, and even general cultural approach, about Moon colonization and human settlement in the near Earth space. 

The paper given by Vincenzo Zappalà was very interesting and professoral: it gave me a new view of our Solar System, as a living and breathing organism, with a lot of materials circulating in and out the interface of the internal system. This is due to the restless work of old father Juppiter, continuously giving sound kicks to asteroids, throwing them to cross our planet's orbit, in order we can catch them and use their resources to build a new Olympo, in the Geo-Lunar space region! I already knew that father Juppiter worked as concierge and goalkeeper, cathcing big objects by means of his great gravity, preventing them to cross the internal system, and making big disasters. Let’s think what it could have been the impact of the Shoemaker Levy comet on Earth, but, thanks to father Juppiter, it stroke Juppiter, and not Earth!  I didn't imagine that he also works as centre forward, kicking asteroids inside the... net! (I'm not a soccer fan, but here the comparison is due (:-)). Michael Martin-Smith gave us a millennial vision of astronautics, and a comparative term: ancient Aegyptians were able to make a great collectiv efforth, more than 3000 years ago, to build undestructible witness of their visionary genius. Piero Galeotti gave a very interesting information about extra solar planets, something to be taken into account, while we want to colonize our Solar System, in order to set new goals, for next centuries and millennia. Roberto Somma gave us a very interesting view of the possible use of lava tunnels to build habitats on the Moon. Here you can download all the papers. The J-Wings Manga school made very beautiful drawings. In the next weeks we will get the permission by the authors to put them online, so you will enjoy them. The weather was bad, therefore we couldn't use the telescopes. However, in the evening, thanks to Vincenzo Zappalà and his wine producers friends, we tasted a lot of excellent Piedmont wines, and this helped us to brainstorm a lot of beautiful ideas! 

It was a great pleasure to work with all the participants, and the works confirmed that our goals and ideals are very close and shared: this fact gave me a warm feeling, that I'm likely not able to share with the ones who were not present. However, we had the precise feeling that something very important happened in Belgirate, the June 7th. 

All of the power point papers are now online on TDF. This collection of papers is the base of the Space Renaissance Academy Foundation, that was decided by the convention! The complete video-recording of the convention will be soon available in dvd. 

The decision about the Space Renaissance Academy foundation was the major achievement of our convention. The convention decided a program, that will be precised in next weeks, including the following steps: 

  1. prepare an abstract of the scope and purpose of the foundation and a draft statute of the foundation 

  2. when we the above texts will be delivered, we will use them to collect a first fund, enough to allow first six mounths of professional activities (mainly, develop the www.spacerenaissance.org web site, find big donors, build the basic financial platform of the foundation). 

Step 2 will cover the 2009, at least, and will see the construction of the first school of astronautical philosopy. 


 [007.AA.TDF.2008 - 22.05.2008]