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« From Quality to Maturity » a needed change of Paradigm in the Space Systems Project Processes and Methodologies - A. Autino - IAC-05-D1.3.09 (paper presented at IAF 56th Congress, Fukuoka 17/10 - 21/10 2005) 

« The Fifth Season » the Space ‘Bingo’ Surprises: very profitable and not obvious Gifts of Space - A. Autino - IAC-05-E1.P.03 (paper presented at IAF 56th congress, Fukuoka 17/10 - 21/10 2005) 

“The value of human life, or: Technology as a promoter of moral evolution” - 2005

An essential "Project & Test Engineering Methodology" - A. Autino (paper presented at IAF 54th Congress, Bremen 29/09 - 03/10 2003)

The Copernican Evidence  - Requirements for a Space Age Philosophy -  A. Autino (paper presented at the 53rd  IAF Congress- Houston october 2002)

"The Methodology of Questionnaires to develop a  World Wide Space Education Plan" A. Autino (paper presented at the 52nd  IAF Congress- Toulouse october 2001)

A Plan for Mercantile Astronautics” -  (paper presented at the International Symposium on Space Travel Bremen, Germany, April 21 - 23, 1999)

"Shuttle forever?" - An inquiry into Astronautical Technologies and Governmental Politics

Technologies of the Frontier Editorials Archive