Andromeda Srl Srl is the company founded by Adriano Autino, author and founder of tdf.

The company is born in 2000 and is specialized in industrial automation solutions and methodological tools to manage whole project according to quality standards and with great economic efficiency.

Andromeda Srl has worked on a lot of projects all around the world and has a strong experience in those projects where the reliability and the safety of the systems are priority and not expendable requisites.

The Andromeda Srl solutions have been chosen by companies in different markets and can help companies to become more and more competitive in the following markets:
Industry - automation, robotics, industrial machines and plants, tracking and tracing, RFID, IRID, documents management, CRM.
Infrastructures and Transport Systems - integrated automation plants for motorway tunnels, building automation, railroads, traffic control and railways 
Public segment - logistics, tracing, RFID, documents management.
Aerospace research, with particular reference to systems and technologies for Astronautics, test equipments and facilities.
High tech design and software - systems to manage the project life cycle, metrics for the improvement of the design processes (CMM, CMMi); lean methodologies for the efficiency of the committment design processes. 
Information & Communication Technology - design and development of complex software systems, distributed in intranet, using the most updated web service technologies; consultancy, project management.

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